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When the going gets tough, LAUGH!

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(Mis) adventures in Parenthood, Little League & moving your family 5,500 miles from London to California.

When the going gets tough, LAUGH!

Laura Bonnell

The boys observed how much happier Mummy was after she'd finished her latte

The boys observed how much happier Mummy was after she'd finished her latte

There's one thing that's high on my agenda when looking for a job, finding people to work with and making friends. A sense of humour! A firm grasp and appreciation of sarcasm is an added bonus.

Unless you are currently living under a rock (or in a nuclear fall out shelter) you can't ignore the post Presidential reaction. I've got friends and family on both sides of the (for now metaphorical) wall. A brief scroll thru Facebook shows a heated debate from both sides. To be honest I'm as fired up as the next Pink Kitty (keeping it PC!) bean-ied gal, but it's not doing my happiness levels much good. It's getting hard for me to imagine how we can move forward without - now, get this concept - TALKING to each other!

Working in the Fashion industry I have experienced daily life in a high pressure environment. I've often been in meetings with people having strong differing opinions. (Albeit issues with mildly less importance and world impact). Although, I'm telling you there have been tears shed and friendships tested over the positioning of pocket and the colour of a button. Yep, it's a jungle out there people, pockets and buttons are easily on a par with the Trans Pacific Partnership.

My approach to navigating the sometimes egotistical opinionated fashion clan (present company included!) is to attempt to use humour to keep the vibe light, and the conversation open. Make someone smile, and it's just that bit easier to get them to listen to where you are coming from, and vice versa.

Recently I met with a new Accountant. It was just before Christmas, and I texted to explain what I was wearing so he could identify me when we arrived at our meeting place. He replied that he would be "the fat guy with the white beard". Before I had a moment to consider my response I texted back "'re not moonlighting as Santa are you?". 5 anxious minutes passed, and I began to worry I had perhaps been a little too cocky considering I'd never met this guy! Fortunately the response came back "That mistake has been made before..."!

We've since had a few meetings, and I'm telling you, having a laugh certainly makes discussing spreadsheets and numbers a lot more enjoyable!

If the recent Women's March is anything to go by, I think using positivity and humour are a powerful catalyst to lift people up and bring them together. In fact one of my goals with this blog posts is to try and do just that. I want to hopefully make you smile, and let some of my 'glass half full-itude' rub off.

Pretty kitty hat or Great Red Trucker hat, I think we can agree we're both into colourful Millenary...make you smile? Good, now let's go build that bridge.

Momma Muklet x