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Trying not to over egg the (Californian) omelette

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(Mis) adventures in Parenthood, Little League & moving your family 5,500 miles from London to California.

Trying not to over egg the (Californian) omelette

Laura Bonnell

Soon to be swopping Sunday strolls on London's Southbank to bare foot walks on California's beautiful beaches...

Soon to be swopping Sunday strolls on London's Southbank to bare foot walks on California's beautiful beaches...

I've become rather aware I may be sounding like a bit of a stuck record, banging on about our imminent move from London to California. I mean, it's kinda hard not to talk about it, given that it has practically taken over my daily existence for the past few months!

I'd rather underestimated how much time and energy it would take to pack us up and return my American man-child husband back to his Motherland. It was oh so much simpler back in 2007 when he & I packed up our 750 sq ft 'railroad' Brooklyn apartment to move to London. It was just him and I, and a few boxes of thrift store clothes and some mismatched Ikea crockery. Now, 9 years later we have accumulated many things. Amongst them are 2 wild boys complete with a full repertoire of plastic action figures, a mountain of lego and a small legion of multi character 'mash-ums' (latest bane of my existence!).

It's hard not to talk about the California move without sounding like a humble-bragging twat to be honest! Anyone that knows me well enough will hopefully know that when I talk of upgrading our 2 bed London flat to a (palatial in my eyes) 4 bed house in a palm tree lined street in Socal, they'll know I say it in a happy (please come visit me), not braggy way! In fact I'm such the humble toad that I often feel compelled to follow up my mention of where we're moving to with a "it's a total leap of faith... neither of us have jobs... we'll probably be living in an RV this time next year...!" Not that there is anything wrong with living in an RV - it would probably actually feel bigger than our Brooklyn apartment!

But, you know what? I have to just get over worrying about potentially sounding like a numpty. Being an Expat in California is kinda my schtick now, it's the story people are following, it's my USP in the world of parental bloggers, vloggers and floggers (thank you Mother Pukka for that awesome phrase). It's my intention to land Stateside, and sew the seeds of the unique British humble and dry witted humour. To inject some of that brave indifferent quirkiness into my designs and curation of products.

The iconic Palm tree lined streets of California

The iconic Palm tree lined streets of California

Having passed the pee-wee leagues of social media followers I am now getting new followers joining me daily on Instagram and the like. Although I am yet to reach the heady heights of quintuple digits, I still have a respectable sized crowd that may not know my story. Therefore I may need to re-tell it sometimes. I need to maintain consistency, so people know what they're signing up for when they like, comment, follow and share my shenanigans!

The other thing is, I'm on a mission to find my American audience - people I want to meet and connect with, lovely people that might also hopefully like to buy some wares when I re-open the shop! I've already started doing some digging, and attempting to be whiley with my hashtags. So far I've found me some US flavoured bloggers, beach yoga goddesses, vintage sellers, sports memorabilia lovers, and I've even connected with my new local neighbourhood before my (in need of a pedicure) toe has touched down on US soil!

So, if I question myself that I'm over-egging this Californian omelette (must google if there's a recipe for that!), if I worry people are going to get bored of the Brit gals adventures in LALA land, then I'm gonna lose my USP, I'm going to lose out telling everyone about all the stuff I'm learning about and discovering. I guess it's all about balance, and mixing up the story telling with other visuals, products and stories that sit within this brand I'm attempting to build! It's tough, and I probably haven't quite fine tuned it yet, but as my American boy keeps trying to tell me - "It's California bro-homes, slow it down and don't worry about it!".