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To all my muklet friends & family...

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(Mis) adventures in Parenthood, Little League & moving your family 5,500 miles from London to California.

To all my muklet friends & family...

Laura Bonnell

Vintage song sheet found on a recent Vintage market hunt.

Vintage song sheet found on a recent Vintage market hunt.

Now, I'm gonna try and write this without sounding like an egotistical narcissist!! It's a very genuine thank you to everyone who has cheered me along thus far. I honestly wouldn't be able to keep going had I not had the support and encouragement from you all! Be that buying something I have created, a message of thanks or encouragement, or even just a 'like' on Facebook or Instagram that lets me know you're there, and following what I'm up to!

Moving from London to California is probably the craziest leap of faith I have taken in my life (aside from creating two human beings and assuming I would figure out how to keep them alive & entertained that is!).

We have literally packed up our family and loaded our worldly possessions into a 20 ft shipping container, and we are starting again. We are 5,500 miles from our home in London, and 2,500 miles away from my American in laws. We have no jobs lined up. We've decided that the only way we were going to be able to make it back over to the States was to make it happen ourselves. We've decided to use the proceeds from selling our London flat to gift ourselves a year. A year to make it work. A year to not worry about bills, to focus on building work around the life we crave. A life where one or both of us can show up at the school gates to get the boys. To have weekends free of work stress, spent walking on a beach, or supping cocktails (whilst Daddy takes the lads off to Little League practice!!!).

We're going in with our eyes open, we know we may have to rethink if in a year it's not sustainable, but we're gonna give it a darn good try. I know I have the guts, the energy (espresso machine is on it's way), the know how and the will to make Muklet a sustainable & profitable business. It's not going to be easy. We'll still have the childcare juggle to figure out, and Grandma B&B will now be a little bit further than a short drive down the A3 to Winchester.

I'll confess, I'm a little bit freaked out about what we are about to do, but as Hayley Southwood (of Southwood Stores) advised me: 'once you take away that fear, anything is possible'. And you know what? Having survived an epically challenging couple of years I've discovered I've become a bit flipping fearless!

(Now here comes the gushy-not-mean't-to-sound-egotistical-bit!) Having the (virtual) support & encouragement of you guys is the wind in my sails, you to me are my cheer squad, and for that I thank you hugely! You're also the fire under my butt to make this thing happen over here in California! That said, I'd better blooming well get on with it and put all those words of encouragement to good use!