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(Mis) adventures in Parenthood, Little League & moving your family 5,500 miles from London to California.

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Father's Day, an ode to my Baby Daddy

Laura Bonnell

So, it hasn't escaped Mr Muklet's notice that his life has now been transposed into blog fodder! I've already copped some sarky comments after Mr M read a couple of posts. I tried to explain that he was Mr Big to my Carrie (albeit a slightly more stubbly, less suited, more jeaned version), Mr NVN to my Mrs NappyValleyNet (if you're not already familiar with this, I would highly recommend her weekly newsletter for hubby musings, mummy grumblings and local tips!).

I realised I may have unwittingly caused a little offence. My aim is for this blog to be a light-hearted, slightly irreverent commentary on our misadventures in parenthood but I hope the underlying tone of 'couldn't cope or live without you' is apparent.

Mr M is everything I ever really wanted from a partner in crime and baby daddy. He's the dad who's moshing to Beastie Boys with the littlees at 9pm when they should be in bed. The goofball competing with their eldest to see how high the swing can go. The jokester putting Underoos over the youngest's jeans so that he looks like a superhero. Yes, he is a total man child and without my semi-strict supervision our children would be eating pizza and fruit loops for dinner every night, but I wouldn't have it any other way! So, Mr Muklet, here's my:

Oh, hubster, ye are but stubbly, but fair of face
Ye are but a brave man to have married this nutcase
Ye keep me in check with caffeine and good humour
And as parents we may have been late bloomers, 
But ye are the funnest of dads, the looniest of toons
So silly, loving and caring, and soon, 
For being basically awesome to me, W and B
on this Fathers Day we love you unconditionally  
(Pints, hugs and cookies heading your way!)



Me, biggest muklet, Mr M, littlest muklet  

Me, biggest muklet, Mr M, littlest muklet