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Project USA - this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill

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(Mis) adventures in Parenthood, Little League & moving your family 5,500 miles from London to California.

Project USA - this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill

Laura Bonnell

Notebook, road map and background research at the ready

Notebook, road map and background research at the ready

I've been keeping a bit quiet about this until I knew it was really happening. Well, I say keeping quiet, I'm rubbish at keeping my own secrets. I've been unsubtly adding British, American and airplane emoticons to my IG messages & tweets recently. Particularly to anyone I connect with on the 'other side of the pond'.  

I've had a bit of a deal going with my husband these past 9 years. The deal was I dragged him over from the States to England so I could be near my family when we started a having sproglets. Once said sproglets had arrived we would then plan our move back to the USA. To be fair I did kinda lure him here under false salesmanship. I wasn't lying about the kids part, it was more to do with the state of the weather over here in Blighty. I poo pooed the suggestion that it rained a lot in England, "it's all a misconception" I cried with a dismissive waft of the hand. We moved over in 2007. 2007 turned out to have the wettest summer on record, with wide spread flooding across the country. Oops!

We've kinda reached crunch time in our house. We've outgrown our 2 bed ground floor London flat. The boys need more space, we need more (head) space. We also want a more low key, suburban neighbourhood for the boys to grown up in. We love where we are right now. We're surrounded by parks, and also so close to the fun hustle and bustle of the city, but it's time for a change.

The last 5 years I've really felt we've been existing, I don't think we've really been living. The crippling cost of childcare, and the unreachable cost of owning a decent sized house in London, the long work hours and unpredictable commute has left little spare time and money to really enjoy much benefit from all our hard work.

I have over the past few years spoken to, and even had Skype interviews with Fashion brands in the States, exploring opportunities that may relocate me back to the hubby's motherland. But it seems a different world compared to when I first moved to New York in 2001. There doesn't seem to be the same budgets or inclination to ship over hoards of Brits like they did all those years ago.

So, we've decided we're going to take a big leap of faith. Neither of us have jobs lined up to move to. We don't know exactly where we'll be moving to yet, but we have narrowed it down to California, and preferably Orange County. We've now sold the flat, but luckily our buyer is letting us stay on as tenants until August. My Green Card application was sent this week, so the ball is officially rolling!

We've also decided that I'm going to go for it with this Muklet biz-nis-ki. I'm going to wind down the freelance work, and I'm going to attempt to fully focus on Muklet, and see where I can take it. I have a clear vision now of what I want the brand to look like, and how I want to inject my personality into it. I'm still crunching the numbers and figuring out how the heck I'm gonna make it happen, but I believe in this, this is my passion, I truly believe life has led me to this point.

So here we go guys, you with me? #grabbinglifebytheballs #californiadreaming here we come!



P.S If John Lasseter should happen to be reading this post, please could you give my husband an Animation job so I can keep playing at being a blogger and kids designer? He's really rather awesomely talented, and a big kid like you! I will repay you in Muklet t-shirts for you and your five (5?!!) sons. Many thanks Laura x