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Observations of an Expat: THANKSGIVING

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(Mis) adventures in Parenthood, Little League & moving your family 5,500 miles from London to California.

Observations of an Expat: THANKSGIVING

Laura Bonnell

Vegetarian Thanksgiving meals have come a long way since 1973

Vegetarian Thanksgiving meals have come a long way since 1973

I was first introduced to Thanksgiving day in November 2001 when I was a young and free 20 something working and playing hard in New York. A year later I had met my American boy (now husband) and was welcomed with open arms (and full tummies) into his family Thanksgiving feasts. Over the years we have had all kinds of Thanksgivings - the big noisy fun family ones, the small Brooklyn sized apartment ones complete with Wholefoods pre-prepped dinner, the budget 'we're too tired to cook as we have a newborn baby so we went to KFC' ones - there's no real tradition in this household! But the tradition we do uphold is downing tools, coming together with friends and family, and taking a moment to take stock and be thankful. 

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, and here are just a few of the silly & serious things I'm grateful for: 

1. Thankful for this opportunity to 'press reset' and start our new adventure in sunny California. 

2. Thankful for finding like minded souls this side of the pond to hang with, and for all the buddies back home who stretch their friendship 5,500 miles across the pond. 

3. Thankful for my awesome husband who is giving me a few moments of (sort of) peace so I can hide out and write this post. (Pandora kids is playing full blast down stairs whilst the lads rock out in the living room!) 

4. Thankful for my 2 bundles of chaos that continue to entertain/ love/ amaze me/ empty the fridge/ drain the life force out of me. 

5. Thankful to be happy & healthy (3 years & counting!)

6. Thankful for an amazing Mum, who relentlessly supports me with thoughtful words, little surprises in the post and when we're together looking after the lads so we can get a breather and a date night!

7. For an awesome family that stretches both sides of the pond, and is full of diverse, talented and creative minds. Love you all, and can't wait till our next hang out!

8. For becoming an Auntie to my baby bro's first little gorgeous girl. I'm aching for that cuddle, and hoping it's not too long coming! 

9. For awesome sushi, tacos, healthy smoothies, chop salads and Cali-style burger & garlic fries.

10. And finally thankful for the friends, food and fun later this afternoon. Cheers to our first family Thanksgiving in California. 

Happy Turkey day!  

Momma Muklet x