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UK to USA - here we go!

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(Mis) adventures in Parenthood, Little League & moving your family 5,500 miles from London to California.

UK to USA - here we go!

Laura Bonnell

Artwork courtesy of Momma Muklet

Artwork courtesy of Momma Muklet

It's suddenly here... the move date is looming. I finally have my interview scheduled at the US embassy in London to get my Green card. I'm kinda one of those people that doesn't let myself get too excited or concerned about a major life event until I know it's actually happening for sure. Well, fingers crossed it's happening, and it's happening soon!

As I type this my husband is in California. I'm flying solo in the UK for the next few weeks whilst he's busy securing a roof over our heads, getting a cell phone, car, fridge, coffee machine, wifi... all the essentials to get us started!

I've been putting off this day, but planning it for some time. It's time to relocate Muklet HQ. Because of import duties, and tax implications I need to move the whole business to the USA. We realised to our detriment a few years ago that you are double taxed if you are a US resident or citizen and operating a business or earning in the UK. That mistake put us a few years back on the property ladder, and cancelled any future holiday plans for a while! So, I'm being careful planning on how I continue the business both sides of the Atlantic.

And yes, that's the plan. I am planning to carry on Muklet both sides of the pond. There's a few ways I could do it, and it will take some planning, but I can make it happen! 

The other big challenge is that I need to actually move ourselves and our worldly possessions a few miles. About 5,445 miles in fact! This means our possessions will shortly be loaded into a steel container and then onto a ship headed for California in a couple of weeks time! I've realised it's probably not going to be possible to continue to operate the business whilst I'm in transit. Saying that I have heard of some high street retailers with machinists that sew whilst products are en route on a ship...! (Am not going to attempt that!)

So, my plan is to temporarily close the business from Friday 22nd July - that will be my last order date. From Saturday 23rd July onwards I'll continue to post on social media, telling everyone what we're up to. I also continue to Blog and hopefully Vlog if we don't pack the camera and laptop! Then hopefully not too long after that I'll start counting down until I'm ready to re-launch over in the States!

I'm actually excited to take a pause, and re-launch Muklet. I have so many ideas and plans for what I want to do next. The business has grown to reflect the demand I've had from clients, and I have perhaps lost my way a little bit with my original vision for Americana Kidswear. I've also ended up only spending a fraction of my time being creative - and that's the fun bit! So, in planning to relaunch, I'm also planning on how I can structure the business so I can get back to doing more of what I love (and hopefully pass on the paperwork to someone else!).

So, here we go.... T minus 7 days until Muklet temporarily closes it's doors! To help with ensuring I have a few less things to pack you can use code: UKTOUSA to get a 20% discount until Friday 22nd July 2016.

Momma Muklet x

Relocating discount - help me to have less to pack! x

Relocating discount - help me to have less to pack! x