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#BML16 Better together

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(Mis) adventures in Parenthood, Little League & moving your family 5,500 miles from London to California.

#BML16 Better together

Laura Bonnell

Wow, it's been quite the landmark day today. I've been sitting here considering what to post on social media following the EU referendum results. It can be tough blogging as a business, or even posting on social media. It can be difficult to gauge how much of your personal opinion you should inject. I feel I should retain a certain level of irreverence when it comes to topics of political views, religion or hard hitting topical issues. 

The EU referendum was something I decided to comment on on my feed. I voted IN. The soul of what I believe in, and how I want to run my business is believing we are stronger together. By working alongside your 'competition' we can share ideas, inspiration, advice, encouragement. I truly believe there is power in coming together and doing all these things collaboratively. So, it felt right to believe in remaining joined to our friends and neighbours in Europe.

It's perhaps quite timely that tomorrow I am going to my first Brit Mums live blogging convention. Even though I've been blogging for over a year now, I still feel that I have a tonne to learn! There will be all levels of bloggers there, and I can't wait to grab a glass of wine (after 11am of course!), and start meeting people, sharing about what we do, and attending the talks that I know are really going to inspire me, and help up my blogging game!

I also wanted to share that I had a tough week a couple of weeks ago. Nothing major, just really tired from trying to do too much. I'd also had some disappointing work news about an opportunity that was promised then not delivered. I also suddenly lost 50 followers on Instagram - I don't really know why?! It may have been those token followers you accumulate from competitions, or the 'follow this link to get more followers' tribe!

I'd also gone down that worm hole of spending too much time looking at what everyone else was doing. I convinced myself everyone else was doing it bigger, better and more shiny than me! I allowed about an hour of a 'pity party', then told myself to stop wasting time looking at what other people were doing, and focus on what I was doing, and go do something about it.

So, I decided to take some photos. I parked my negative thoughts, and I did something productive and creative. And it felt good. I then posted my pictures, and you know what? I got a whole bunch of likes, and some lovely new genuine followers!

You see, I believe together we can lift each other up. Life throws you challenges. I may not be happy about the decision today, and the future may feel a little uncertain right now in the UK, but we'll get through it, and we'll be stronger for getting through it positively. Together.

So, moving forward positively I'm going to attempt a #BML16 linky. I confess I'm still very in the dark with Linkys, and I'm probably going to do it wrong, but I'm going to give it a go!

BML16 have asked me to answer the following questions:

My name: Laura Bonnell
My blog: Surviving the Muklets
Find me on social media at: @mukletkids
How I look: Knackered! Brunette bob, smiley 'deer in head lights' face
Is this my first blogging event? Yes! (Poop emoticon!)
I will be wearing… One of my Rookie T-shirts and a pinafore dress (Navy or Yellow, haven't decided yet!)
What I hope to gain from #BML16: Learn how to progress from a Rookie blogger to someone who actually appears like they know what their doing... in preparation for my move to California and the blogging big leagues!
My tips for a great conference: Be friendly, network before, during and after the event. Support the Sisterhood!