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Blogging - what's in it for me? What's in it for you?

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(Mis) adventures in Parenthood, Little League & moving your family 5,500 miles from London to California.

Blogging - what's in it for me? What's in it for you?

Laura Bonnell

Totally #wingingit but telling you all about it along the way. Sweatshirt from  Selfish Mother

Totally #wingingit but telling you all about it along the way. Sweatshirt from Selfish Mother

Now I've found my 'blogging voice', I better get on and use it! I know my posts are a lil sporadic, I'm working on it. My goal is to get a ramble in once a week... energy levels and child free time dependant.

Using social media as a small business can sometimes feel like a thankless marketing exercise. I'm stumbling my way through learning what works on what channel, and who I'm talking to.

The last month has been a marathon of social media workshops. Once you launch into this world, particularly in the Twitter-sphere you are bombarded by Social Media Managers looking to tout for your business. It's tough to cut through the noise, it's taken me a while. For me, I've learnt a lot by doing, and have a basic understanding of social media now. I think I now know what questions to ask when I connect with these experts.

Social Media can be as basic or as complex as you want it to be. It can be very addictive, and I'm working on that too! I'm trying to get organised, planning and scheduling posts so it's not constantly on my mind, (says whilst posting to Instagram and serving the boys dinner).

I realise I have a tonne of things I want to say through my blog. By listening to the comments and feedback, I think I've figured out what people might be interested in, and enjoy reading. 

At the recent #socialdayuk event, I heard that social media should be around 70-80% about sharing and curating information, and 20-30% about selling your product. Put simply, Kathryn Tyler from Digital Mums compared the Social Media world to being at a party. She said:

"Imagine you were at a party. Imagine if someone came up to you and said, "Buy my book, buy my book." You'd want them to go away right?"

She then went on to say that if you instead took time to meet people, get to know them, then told them you'd written a book, they might be interested to hear more about it right? This SM world is about building a community, and collaborating. It's communicating person to person, not necessarily business to business.

Richard Miranda and Kathryn Tyler from Digital Mums. Photo courtesy of  Digital Mums

Richard Miranda and Kathryn Tyler from Digital Mums. Photo courtesy of Digital Mums

On that day I also attended a blogging workshop run by ex Huffpost journalist Louise Naughton. She asked the audience why we were blogging, and gobby chops here had to put in her 5 pence worth!

I said that firstly I wanted to document my journey of launching a small business whilst raising a family. I wanted to tell my audience all about the successes and misadventures along the way, particularly with a tongue in cheek sense of humour. I'd hopefully also try to raise a smile or 2 from my readers (laughing with me not at me of course, ahem!).

I figured there was already a wealth of Mommy Bloggers covering the mishaps of motherhood, blogs offering cooking & crafting tips (that always inspire, but never quite get done in our house). Mommy Bloggers living stylishly and documenting their wardrobe awesomeness for us to shop from. Mommy bloggers documenting the gripes and the mishaps and misadventures of motherhood. Frankly I think these gals have got that covered, and are doing it much better than I could ever do. So if I'm gonna Blog & Vlog I'd like to offer something a little different. With a wave of Moms jacking in the day job to get designing, making and selling why not offer something these guys might be interested in reading to help pass on tips, funny stories, perhaps let people learn from my misadventures.

I was told recently not many people get to successfully blog and run a retail business along the side of it. Well, being the stubborn arse I am, I disagree, and I take that comment as a challenge! Let's see if we can make that happen! I'm hoping that some people will read and enjoy the scribblings of a Momma surviving her muklets, (present company much appreciated.. now keep reading!).

So what's in it for me? I love feeling there's chance I'm giving a bit back to the 'community'. I hope this helps connect me to like minded souls who want to get to know each other 'person to person' instead of 'business to business'. I love to find people to 'collaborate' with. Hey, maybe even one day you might be able to say, yeah, been there, done that too Laura, and I got the (muklet) T-shirt!