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(Mis) adventures in Parenthood, Little League & moving your family 5,500 miles from London to California.

muklet, the concept

Laura Bonnell

So, what to design, what should the brand be? Both as a mom and a designer, I’d always struggled to find kids' clothes I really liked – clothes that were cool, authentic and didn't feel too contrived, cutesy, preppy or pastel. I wanted the boys to be comfortable to play, to get muddy and to stuff food in their faces without having to worry about dripping something on a cashmere sweater.


I also wanted to draw on my family's anglo-american heritage to give the collection a unique flavour. I met my husband while I was working in New York. I knew he was a keeper when I discovered he was one of that rare breed of Americans who understand sarcasm – a key quality in a relationship with yours truly! Both our boys are therefore dual nationality and we like to bring both of our cultures together in their world … with important things like a love of PB&J (that's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in case you were wondering), late night baseball and pronouncing water ‘war-der’!


So, that’s where the Americana idea came from. Crafting the products in England would give the brand its Anglophile twist! I decided the DNA of muklet would originate in the classic styles of the 40s, 50s and 60s. And that I would include curated vintage items to give the collection a unique assortment of products. The clothing would have a sense of humour and be made to play in. And it would be for gals and boys. Gals wanna have fun too ye know!

First box of Varsity Letter patches arrives from the USA. It's happening!

First box of Varsity Letter patches arrives from the USA. It's happening!

I quickly realized that starting muklet was, for me, much more than just designing a few nice things for the boys. This was a lifestyle choice. I knew starting my own business was going to be a lot of hard work, but I believe you get out what you put in. And as I started to put ideas together, I noticed I was having a lot of fun! I was swopping big corporate international sales presentations for holding the latest samples up in front of the lads to get their opinion. I could choose my work hours, be there for sports days without worrying about missing a meeting and take a day off to go for a picnic when the sun made a rare appearance. This being made redundant had a given me an epiphany… it was time to give this crazy idea a go.